At Jimtown Elementary School we meet children where they are, academically, socially, and emotionally, so that they can be happy and successful. Everything we do is geared to the young child. By providing a nurturing, loving and engaging learning environment, children are encouraged to explore, create, and collaborate. Implementing authentic learning, developing critical thinking skills, and building a support between school and home are our goals for each child and his/her family. At Jimtown Elementary, children feel safe to learn, explore, and play.

Formal reading instruction integrates phonetic and whole language principles. Ours is a balanced approach to teaching not only reading, but the range of language arts skills including writing mechanics and fluency, spelling and vocabulary, speaking, and listening. Mathematics focuses on the development of math skills, concepts, and computation. We help students to build their repertoire of effective problem solving strategies and to articulate their mathematical thinking. Our social studies content includes units that emphasize interpersonal knowledge by exploring family, friends, and individual differences. For more information about the K-2 Curriculum, click on one of the links below for a specific Curriculum Calendar.